As an artist, the work of Pepiro van Roncha is influenced by his career in design, his strong Mexican roots, his practice in Buddhism and, the experiences accumulated when living and working in Europe. More specifically, Pepiro has solid skills in abstraction and conceptualization, rich background in Mexican arts and traditions, and a natural inclination for Scandinavian minimalism and functionalism. The complex interplay of these diverse influences and frameworks blend in his continuous exploration of human emotions, inner peace and, death.

Short Bio

Pepiro van Roncha is a Creative artist and designer born and raised in Mexico City and based in Davis, California. He began his professional career as a graphic designer in international companies in the areas of Advertising, Editorial, and Branding in Mexico City. Years later, he established his own advertising agency in Cancun, Mexico. Due to personal and professional decisions, he became a one-man company living and working as a digital nomad in Moscow, Madrid, Warsaw, Amsterdam, and now in California. His artwork was secondary until recent years when the art is playing a larger role.

Four years ago, Pepiro van Roncha began channeling his creative drive toward actually making art. He became a self-thought painter in his design studio in Amsterdam using his knowledge in design software to create digital art and traditional oil paintings. After moving to Davis, he has been painting in his re-assembled studio and started attending sculpting classes enriching his media practice as a ceramic sculptor. He is currently doing studies in Interaction Design and conducting research and practical work to combine computational technology with traditional fine art.

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